BBD 2008

2008 Conference Presentations

Download PDF versions of presentations from the workshops at the 2008 BBD Conference.

Affordable Housing Case Studies Pettit 01.pdf

Affordable Housing Case Studies Pettit 02.pdf

Affordable Housing Case Studies Pettit 03.pdf

Air Sealing in New Construction Brown Levenson.pdf

Basements Straube.pdf

Buildings and the Climate Change Connection.pdf

Common Lighting Retrofit Opps Mellinger.pdf

Demand Control Ventilation Stanke.pdf

Efficiency Frontier Gardner.pdf

Efficiency Frontier Maclay.pdf

Efficiency Frontier Shapiro.pdf

Fixture Evaluation Romaniello.pdf

GSHP Homes.pdf

Ground Source Heat Pumps Shapiro.pdf

LEDs The Future of Lighting McCullough.pdf

Lamps and Ballasts Baker.pdf

Lamps and Ballasts Middlebrook.pdf

Leveraging Non-Energy Benefits Brown.pdf

Lighting Concepts & Terminology Romaniello.pdf

Navigating VT's New Core Performance Frankel & Kleinman.pdf

Passive Survivability Wilson.pdf

R-Value Misconceptions Kosny.pdf

Renewable Ready Blittersdorf.pdf

Renewable Ready Seddon.pdf

Renewable and Green Buildings in Vermont Faesy.pdf

Renewable and Green Buildings in Vermont Maclay.pdf

Renewable and Green Buildings in Vermont Reiss.pdf

Responsible Use of Refrigerants in HVAC de Bullet.pdf

SIP's Malko.pdf

Successful Daylighting Leslie.pdf

Sustainable Commercial Kitchens Fisher.pdf

Variable Refrigerant Volume Dale.pdf

Whole House Energy Design Cay.pdf

Wrap it in Foam Cincotta Kohler.pdf

Heating with Wood Part 1.pdf

Heating with Wood Part 2.pdf

Heating System Best Practices Furnaces Boilers.pdf

Heating System Best Practices Low Heat Load Homes.pdf

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