BBD 2012

2012 Conference Presentations

Download PDF versions of presentations from the workshops at the 2012 BBD Conference.

Keynote: Seeking the Holy Grail (aka Resale Premium) in a Turbulent Market
Laura Stukel, NAR Green, EcoBroker Certified

Thermal Imaging: Pushing the Limits
Matt Schwoegler, The Snell Group

Thermal Biomass: from Infrastructure to Economics
David Frank, SunWood Biomass
Adam Sherman, Biomass Energy Resource Center

Performance Monitoring for Efficiency
Thomas Anderson, CCP
Emily Cross, MS, PE, Cx Associates

Don't Forget Fluorescent!
Howard Wolfman, PE, Lumispec Consulting

Deep Energy Retrofit on an Historic Building: The Stanislaus Project
Laz Scangas, Arnold & Scangas Architects
Lyssa Papazian, Historic Preservation Consultant
Trevor Parsons, Housing Vermont
Peter Schneider, Efficiency Vermont

Three Routes to Low-Energy New Homes
Mike Duclos, DEAP Energy Group
Paul Panish, DEAP Energy Group

Promoting for Efficiency: The Secrets of GreenMLS
Laura Stukel, NAR Green, EcoBroker Certified
Rich Gardener, Gardner & Gardner REALTORS®
Jeff Gephart, Efficiency Vermont
Heidi Hayward Urish, Vermont Mortgage Bankers Association

Hygrothermal Modeling and Enclosure Design
John Rahill, Black River Design Architects
Dave Bryan, Third Level Design

Whole-House Monitoring for High Performance
J.B. Clancy, PE, Ph.D., AIA, Passive House Consultant, Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, Inc.
Doug Merrill, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Strategies LLC
Peter Schneider, Efficiency Vermont

High Performance Hot Water
Gary Klein, Affiliated International Management LLC

Solid State Lighting or LEDs: Plain Talk about Fancy Technology
Martha Carney, MBA, Outsourced Innovation LLC

Deep Energy Retrofit: A Pilot Study
Gregory Pedrick, CEM, NYSERDA

Fixing the Pretty Good House
Marc Rosenbaum, PE, South Mountain Company

Groundsource Heat Pump Systems
Ray Hickey, Advanced Comfort Systems

Energy Efficiency in Multifamily: a Roadmap
Neil Curtis, CEM, Efficiency Vermont
Andy Shapiro, Energy Balance, Inc.

90 Minutes on High Performance Enclosures and the DETAILS Critical to Make Them Work
John Straube, PE, Ph.D., Building Science Consulting, Inc.

Insulation Materials: The Lowdown on Performance and Environmental Characteristics
Alex Wilson, BuildingGreen, Inc.

Hot Water — a Hot Commodity
Gary Klein, Affiliated International Management LLC

Lighting Design for the Energy-Efficient Home
Peter Romaniello, LC, Conceptual Lighting LLC

Trends in Data Center Energy Efficiency
Todd Boucher, Leading Edge Design Group

State Energy Codes 2011: Vermont's New Residential and Commercial Energy Codes
Tim Guiterman, LEED AP, Navigant Consulting, Inc.
Dave Keefe, Vermont Energy Investment Corp.

Brattleboro Food Co-Op: a Model of Energy Efficiency
Daniel Lewis, PE, Kohler and Lewis
Andrew Shapiro, Energy Balance, Inc.

Networked Lighting Control—DIAMOND I
Randy Mead, CEM, CMVP, LEED AP, Control Technologies, Inc.

What Good is Smart Grid, Anyway?
Shawn Enterline, Vermont Energy Investment Corp.
Ethan Goldman, Efficiency Vermont

Pushing the Envelope—How to Get Low Air Infiltration Numbers
Bill Maclay, Maclay Architects
Andy Shapiro, Energy Balance, Inc.
Terry White, Building Construction Services, Inc.
Mike Stevens, Construction Field Coordinator at the University of Vermont What Does R-value Mean? Myth-Busting with John Straube—EMERALD III
John Straube, PE, Ph.D., Building Science Consulting, Inc.

Heat Recovery Ventilation: Why Efficiency Matters
Barry Stephens, Zehnder America, Inc.

Reducing LED Costs, Downstream
Mark Hand, BE, MS, Acuity Brands

High Performance Modular Housing: Habitat for Humanity Meets Passive House
JB Clancy, PE, Ph.D., AIA Passive House Consultant, Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, Inc.
Chet Pasho, PE, Ph.D., NAHB

Selling It: Conveying the Value of Energy Efficiency
Peter Adamczyk, Vermont Energy Investment Corp.

Efficiency in Commercial Ventilation
Jason Morosko, MSME, CPHC, UltimateAir, Inc.

DesignLights™ Consortium: Case Studies from the Field
Irina Rasputnis, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

Forget Watts—it's Lumens: Bulb Shopping in 2012
Gabe Arnold, PE, LC, CEM, Optimal Energy, Inc.

Air Source Heat Pumps for High Performance, Cold Climate Buildings
Joe Cefaly, MBA, CEM, Mitsubishi Electric

Self-Reliance: Middlebury College Takes on the Solar Decathlon
Andrea Kerz-Murray, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, Middlebury College Faculty
Peter DiPrinzio, Hilary Cunningham, and Shane Scranton, Middlebury College students

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