BBD 2017 Keynote

Zero: the Cinderella of Energy Efficiency

In the world of energy efficiency, yesterday’s nobody (zero-net energy) is showing signs of becoming tomorrow’s superstar. No longer simply the province of impassioned individual homeowners, the world of zero energy is evolving rapidly. Small-scale multi-unit developers are already the dominant players in this space, and the stage is set for a near-term shift to community-scale zero-energy development as public agencies (such as the City of Burlington!) work to implement building-sector carbon reduction policies and programs. Ann V. Edminster will chart this evolution and discuss what it means for building professionals and policy makers.

Keynote Slides for Zero: the Cinderella of Energy Efficiency

Ann V. Edminster, Design AVEnues LLC

Ann Edminster, M.Arch., is an international expert on sustainable residential construction and zero-net energy. A principal developer of LEED for Homes, Ann authored Energy Free: Homes for a Small Planet, an award-winning guide to designing and building zero-energy homes. She consults on zero-energy initiatives throughout North America, served as a 2015 U.S. DOE Solar Decathlon juror, and is a board member of the Net Zero Energy Coalition, as well as its summit director. She collaborates with building professionals, utilities, nonprofits, supply chain clients, investors, public agencies, and homeowners to create leading-edge projects and advocate for zero-energy and low-carbon building solutions at all scales.

Ann V. Edminster

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