Commercial Lighting Update

Minimum Customer Contributions for Lighting

Effective December 1, the following products require the following minimum customer contributions to be eligible for incentives:

  • DLC Interior Fixtures: $10
  • DLC Exterior Fixtures / Retrofit Kits: $10
  • Four-Pin-Base Replacement for CFLs: $2.95
  • DLC LED Replacements for HID Lamps: $5

ENERGY STAR® Rebate Levels

Reminder: Many ENERGY STAR lighting products will reach maturity over the coming months due to changing federal and state energy efficiency standards; however, ENERGY STAR fixtures will continue to have a presence in the market. To ensure that these products will be well supported through this transition, Efficiency Vermont increased the rebate to $15 (from $10) on ENERGY STAR fixtures as of October 1, including: ENERGY STAR downlights, ENERGY STAR retrofit kits, and ENERGY STAR fixtures.

See the October Program Summary.