Commercial New Construction Update October 2019

Updated Lighting Power Density Tool Now Available

Efficiency Vermont’s Lighting Power Density (LPD) tool has been updated in line with the July 1, 2019, changes to its commercial lighting incentives. The updated version of the tool should be used for any project that is purchasing products on or after that date. All commercial new construction projects are required to complete and submit a lighting power calculation using Efficiency Vermont’s LPD tool.

Building Area Method Vs. Space-by-Space Method

In conjunction with the LPD update, the building area method is now available as an option for receiving financial incentives from Efficiency Vermont, in addition to demonstrating compliance with code. Although the space-by-space method is recommended for most projects for its usefulness as a design assistance tool, Efficiency Vermont recognizes that the building area method may result in a nearly equivalent reduction for some projects. Not sure which method is right for your project? Efficiency Vermont can help you pick the best option.

Reminder: All fixtures must be included in the LPD calculation. The incentive for any fixtures that were discounted through the SMARTLIGHT program will be subtracted from the total incentive in the LPD calculation.

To learn more about the benefits of using Efficiency Vermont’s LPD tool to complete your lighting power calculation, and to download the tool, visit the Lighting Power Density Tool web page.