Digital & Online Rebate Center Program Updates for 2019

Two initiatives to enhance online experience for Vermonters

Efficiency Vermont launches appliance marketplace with Enervee

We are excited to have our online appliance marketplace live on our website in partnership with Enervee. This site is a seamless experience with our website, providing a comprehensive shopping experience for customers looking for new appliances and equipment. The site provides an energy score generated by Enervee to help customers choose the most efficient option but also allows a customer to filter products to find just what they are looking for. 

The marketplace will:

  • Engage with customers while they are in the research phase
  • Influence customers earlier in their purchasing decision
  • Encourage customers to purchase more efficient products using the easy to understand Enervee score
  • Increase program participation for the most efficient products

Check out the marketplace here: or through any of our product pages by selecting "Research Qualifying Products.”

All new Online Rebate Center to launch in January

Efficiency Vermont is launching a new Online Rebate Center on January 1st, 2019. We are improving the customer experience and optimizing the rebate submissions process while maintaining our commitment to the environment.

The new Online Rebate Center offers a simplified look. The online platform will include more rebate types and functionalities to create an easier submission process.

Why are we moving rebates online?

This "digital first" approach better meets the needs of our customers and partners.

By enabling rebate submissions to be digital, Efficiency Vermont is:

  • Demonstrating a commitment to the planet by reducing print materials.
  • Committing to innovate by using semi-automated processes that reduce processing time.
  • Providing continuous improvement to the customer experience.

What products will be included in the new online rebate center?

  • Commercial Lighting
  • HVAC and refrigeration
  • Agricultural Lighting and Equipment
  • Residential Heating Systems
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Pool Pumps
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters 

What is different from the current Online Rebate Center?

  • Design improvements that create an easier, clearer submission process
  • 3rd party submissions will be accepted
  • W9’s are now required for commercial rebate submissions
  • Attachments of sales receipts/proof of purchase are required to be submitted digitally within the Online Rebate Center

The ability to create an account within the Online Rebate Center will be a future enhancement of the Online Rebate Center.

Can customers still get a paper rebate form?

  • Customers can print a PDF form from the Efficiency Vermont website on the rebate pages
  • Customers can also call customer support to have a form printed and mailed to them

We look forward to your feedback as we launch the new Online Rebate Center.