Efficiency Vermont program updates for January 2018

Below are all Efficiency Vermont rebate changes going into effect on January 1, 2018. Questions? Please contact us!

Online rebates (commercial lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration)

  • 20% commercial online rebates bonus extended through March 31, 2018.
  • Third party payment option added. Contractors and distributors cannot submit on behalf of the end user customer.


  • Lighting retrofit kits: $30 $25
  • Products removed: plate coolers, variable speed milk transfer systems, and vapor-proof linear fluorescents
  • Ventilation program has no changes within the Agricultural program.

Efficient products

  • Smart Thermostats$150 $100
  • Dehumidifiers: new tiered rebate of $25 for ENERGY STAR, $40 for ENERGY STAR Most Efficient

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

No changes.


Commercial HVAC rebates

  • Pellet boiler/furnace rebate: $2,000 $3,000
  • Rebate can now include installation costs.

Residential HVAC rebates

  • Pellet boiler/furnace rebate: $2,000 $3,000
  • Oil/Propane boiler and furnace rebate: No changes.

Cold Climate Heat Pumps

No changes.

Residential water heating rebates

No changes.

Commercial refrigeration rebates

  • Electronically commutated motors (ECMs): removed from rebate form and added as a refrigeration point of purchase rebate.
  • Reach-in refrigerators/freezers: $100 adder for propane/butane (R-290/R-600a) refrigerant.
  • Rebate can now include installation costs.

HVAC and refrigeration point of purchase rebates

  • ECMs: $70 walk-in only $60/$40 walk-in/case
  • High efficiency condensing units: $400/HP 1-3HP, $200/HP 3.5-5HP. Call about equipment larger than 5 HP.


Commercial lighting rebates

  • LED Surface/Suspended Linear Fixtures: $60 $50
  • LED Troffer Fixtures: $60 $50
  • LED Low-Bay Fixtures: $60 $50
  • LED High-Bay Fixtures: $125 $115
  • LED Linear Ambient, Troffer, Low-Bay, and High Bay Retrofit Kits: $30 $25
  • Ceiling or Wall Remote Mounted Occupancy Sensor: $75 $60
  • LED Exterior Fixtures & Retrofit Kits, 5,001 - 10,000 lumens: $200 $175
  • Reminder: Commercial Lighting Rebate form is no longer applicable for new construction projects.

SMARTLIGHT point of purchase rebates

  • All reduced wattage fluorescent lamps removed

Lighting design program

No changes. Current agreements to be extended through February.

Custom lighting rebates

Call 888-921-5990 (802-865-7336 in Burlington) for rebate amounts for the following:

  • LED Stairwell fixtures
  • LED Track Lighting Fixtures
  • LED Display Case Lighting Fixtures
  • LED replacement lamps for fluorescent 2- and 4-pin lamps
  • LED replacement lamps for HID - UL Type A
  • Fixtures used for plant growth
  • Exterior fixtures installed in an interior application or vice versa (involves pre-qualification process)
  • New construction projects of any size, and as defined by VT CBES 2015

Qualified product list

  • Directional lamps can now test to ENERGY STAR with 15,000 hour lifetime
  • Vermont Qualified Product List & Search tool coming soon

Residential New Construction

  • Efficiency Vermont Certified Base: $800 $2,500
  • High Performance: $2,000 $3,000
  • Updated requirements for both categories, plus three free hours of code support for projects not pursuing certification.

Commercial New Construction

  • High Performance Tier: Added new incentives for 1) Building Envelope Air Tightness and 2) Systems Acceptance Testing. Slightly adjusted efficiency requirements for furnaces, boilers, and instantaneous water heaters. Added efficiency requirement clarifications for air source heat pumps and wood pellet boilers.
  • Net Zero Tier: No changes to the overall minimum efficiency requirement of a 30% reduction, but added some recommended/expected measures to achieve that performance.
  • Basic Efficiency Tier: Updated rebate amounts for LED lighting fixtures, wood pellet boilers, and refrigeration equipment (similar to commercial lighting, refrigeration, and HVAC rebate changes noted in sections above).


Heat Saver Loan

  • Heat Saver Loan interest rates will increase in January of 2018. The planned rates will range from .99% to 5.99%, based on household income.