Retail Appliance Program Update

Efficiency Vermont has been providing incentives on a suite of core appliances, starting with clothes washers, since as early as 2000! That is almost 20 years of offering rebates to customers to encourage energy-efficient buying practices. As products evolve and new technology comes on the market, we adjust our program as needed.

Therefore, as of July 15, we are retiring post-purchase direct-to-customer rebates for refrigerators, clothes washers, and some clothes dryers. We will still be supporting these products, but through a different program that will allow us to continue to influence energy efficiency in these products while also shifting support to new cutting-edge technologies. This new program, ENERGY STAR® Retail Products Platform, is a national collaborative effort to leverage energy efficiency programs at retail, with the goal of increasing the sale and use of ENERGY STAR® certified products. We have been testing this new program at several Vermont retailers since 2016 and are excited to sign on new retailers with an enhanced version of the program for July 15. 

We will continue to support post-purchase direct-to-customer rebates on the following products:

  • ENERGY STAR® Emerging Technology Award-Winning Dual Converter Air Conditioners ($200)
  • ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Hybrid Heat Pump and Full Heat Pump Dryers ($200/$400)
  • Design Lights Consortium (DLC) Certified or Equivalent LED Horticultural Grow Lights ($100)
  • Advanced Water Heater Specification Qualified Heat Pump Water Heaters ($300/$600)
  • ENERGY STAR® Smart Thermostats ($100)
  • ENERGY STAR® Dehumidifiers ($25/$40)

How does the ENERGY STAR® Retail Products Platform work?

Efficiency Vermont will provide monetary incentives and merchandising materials to retailers who agree to promote and sell eligible ENERGY STAR® certified products. Retailers can use the Efficiency Vermont incentive in any way they choose. For example, they might choose to:

  • Stock additional choices of efficient products
  • Reduce the end-cost to the customer
  • Place the products in more prominent displays
  • Add to the retailer's bottom line as margin
  • Increase support to the in-store staff selling these efficient products

The choice is yours-we are relying on you, as our trusted partners and experts, to determine the best way to sell energy-efficient products to our mutual customers.

For sales starting July 15, Efficiency Vermont will provide incentives on the following products as listed on the Efficiency Vermont Qualified Products List (QPL) to participating retail partners.

  Qualifying Product  Tier  Specification
  Soundbar   Advanced   ENERGY STAR® + 50%
  Air Cleaner   Basic   ENERGY STAR® + 30%
  Air Cleaner   Advanced   ENERGY STAR® + 50% 
  Freezer   Basic   ENERGY STAR®
  Freezer   Advanced   ENERGY STAR® + 5%
  Room AC   Basic   ENERGY STAR®
  Room AC   Advanced   ENERGY STAR® + Connected
  Electric Dryer   Basic   ENERGY STAR®
  Electric Dyer   Advanced   ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient  
  Clothes Washer   Basic   ENERGY STAR®
  Clothes Washer   Advanced   ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient
  Refrigerator   Basic   ENERGY STAR® 
  Refrigerator    Advanced   ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 
  Dehumidifier    Basic   ENERGY STAR®
  Dehumidifier    Advanced   ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient  

To learn more about the ENERGY STAR® Retail Products Platform, please see your Efficiency Vermont Account Manager.

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