Retail Lighting Program Update

On April 1, we adjusted our incentive model to make the process easier for you, for manufacturers, and for customers. The most noteworthy change for EEN members was an increase in our sales incentive:

Sales Incentive / Bulb Sold

CEE Tier 1-$0.50

CEE Tier 2-$1.00

Advanced Tier-$1.50

Sales Incentive / Fixture Sold


The sales incentives are intended to support stocking of the highest-quality products; they can be used at your discretion.

The second change to our lighting program is scheduled to go into effect October 1. We will shift into a sales-incentive-only model for screw-based bulbs, while continuing markdowns and sales incentives for fixtures and connected products. Stay tuned-we will have details on these changes by late summer.

If you are not currently participating in the sales incentive offering within this program, we encourage you to do so by contacting your account manager or Jenna Pugliese, Efficient Products Program Manager: or 802-540-7802.

Why are these changes happening?

As you may know, we lower rebate amounts as product prices fall and market penetration grows. We sunset rebates when they're no longer necessary to maintain strong sales, and then use those rebate funds to invest in new efficient products. This is a process that has successfully introduced cutting-edge technology to the state and made Vermont a national leader in efficient product sales. 

You and your staff can take pride in the essential role you play in this success through your commitment to stocking and promoting efficient products, and in providing knowledgeable advice to your customers. These products benefit you, your customer, and the entire state through lower energy costs and reduced pollution.