Submit Your Professional Credits

It’s time to submit your annual documentation! We will be contacting you soon for any information we may need. One of the global requirements for maintaining EEN Membership is submitting 5 professional credits annually – you may find more information and download the Professional Credits Log on our website. We define a “professional credit” as completing trainings on a range of energy efficiency topics that support the purpose and goals of the EEN and EEN Members. Credits must be earned between April 1st, 2016 and March 31st, 2017. The requirement is at the company level, so if you send multiple staff to a training or a meeting, each will receive the credit(s). This does present a further burden to small outfits, so we are willing to work with individuals who are running into issues meeting the requirement.

  • Every skills training Efficiency Vermont offers is worth 1 credit;
  • BPI certification and attendance at the HPwES Annual Meeting is worth 5 credits;
  • Attendance at the requisite sessions at the annual Better Buildings by Design Conference could net 5 credits;
  • Attendance at any opportunities posted on the EEN Training Calendar is worth 1 credit (1-4 hour trainings) or 2 credits (full day trainings).